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Sandfly Circus

Sandfly Circus ~ the Theatre Kimberley incarnation started in 2007. It is taken from a name given by Eleanor Davies who used to help Gwen run short term circus projects after Gwen left full time teaching.

When Gwen left full time teaching as a music drama specialist, she freelanced as an artist in residence in schools and communities as part of Big MAMA Productions. 

One of her projects was a regular circus holiday program called Sandfly Circus. It is name given by circus practitioner Eleanor Davies and it stuck. 

When Gwen started working full time with Theatre Kimberley and started a regular circus program for Broome kids the name Sandfly Circus was adopted. The year was 2007. 

There are now around 80 kids and Gwen is pretty much retired from her role as circus facilitator. The Group is currently called Act Belong Commit Sandfly Circus. Occasionally she needs to dust off the cobwebs and help out. 

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