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Staircase to the Moon

Based on the children’s book of the same name by Indigenous local author Bronwyn Houston, Gwen Knox is writer director of the play. The story is inspired by the natural phenomenon of the staircase to the moon where the moon reflects on the mudflats at low tide on Roebuck Bay, Broome.

The great music written by local, famous Indigenous musician Lorrae Coffin

The play features articulated boab and frangipani costumes by the very clever puppeteer Karen Hethey. There are a large number of puppets that have been developed in workshops with the amazing Sandy McKendrick and the in workshops with young performers who make up the large ensemble of puppeteers and dancers. Gwen Knox created the three main characters puppets.

  • 2012 performers Jub Clerc, Neil Turner, Tahya Jamieson, Maeve Driffle, Musical Director and composer Lorrae Coffin, band members 
    Ralph Bermann, Toby Prewitt , Steve Angoorly.
  • 2014 performers: Ninian Donald, Susie Quicke, Wenonah Cardenas, Dale Kelly. Musical accompanist Rob Pascoe. 
  • Artists working on the project: puppets by Sandra McKendrick, Karen Hethey, Gwen Knox , Choreography by Claudia Alessi, Design and construction Chris Hill, Lighting Andrew Chambers and Rick Turner

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