Warning to Indigenous people of Australia, pictures and video may contain images and voices of deceased people.
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A Ship of Dreams

A Musical Drama for Children

Written by by Mary Durack, With Music by June Fitzgerald, Adapted by Gwen Knox 2008, musical director Damion Watkiss. 
Gwen performed in the original production in 1968. She was thrilled to be able to adapt and direct the 2008 production.

When this play was first performed in 1968 it was a major event in the town. Civic fathers decided it would be good to have a regular event to help create a tourist industry. And Shinju Matsuri was born. 
Many of the original cast went on to pursue and have very successful careers in the arts.

Photos by Leon Meade Photography 

Starring: Stephen Baamba Albert, Rohanna Angas, Mark Cole-Smith, Craig Marvel, Lesley Marsh.