Warning to Indigenous people of Australia, pictures and video may contain images and voices of deceased people.
Please use discretion when viewing content or showing content to others.

Scones with Nana

Scones with Nanna 2022

The play starts when two sisters arrive at the front of Nana’s house. Well, no, the story starts nearly 200 years before hand. The sisters believe that they have brought disgrace upon the family, that is until they hear Nanna’s story. 

It is designed to be a site-specific work for 3 to five actors for an audience of 20 about people maximum, to be performed in a workers cottage, set in Fremantle WA over nearly 200 years. It will be a combination of multi-media, live performance, scone making and scone eating. It is an honest and humorous look at a family’s secrets. Secrets of prostitution, venereal disease, poverty, domestic violence, stolen generation, and hidden Aboriginal heritage. While it is set mostly in the 70’s when people were still getting their head around effective birth control and women’s growing independence, it refers back to the time when the swan River Colony was a few years old.

Song for the/ Martuwarra

A ceremony in 2014 exchanging river water from each river by elders of the Indigenous Nyikina people from the Fitzroy Valley in Western Australia and the elders of the French Ardennes was the impetus for “Ngalyak and the Flood” and this project to develop further understanding of the universal importance of both river health and the art of storytelling to connect with our natural environments.

More information about the Song for the Martuwarra

Smokin- No Way

By Desert Pictures.
Puppets by the children of Palm Island QLD.
Voices by Susan Mujarri Edgar and members of the Palm Island communityPart of Qld Health teacher resource pack
Date: March 2003

Gwen’s Show Reel 2000

Producer: Big Mama Productions
6.00 mins; Clip of various activities
Date: 2000

  1. Big Mama Shinju Matsuri Festival Float Puppet – artist
  2. Frringe Festival Promotion – performer
  3. Sandfly Circus – Instructor/co-ordinator/artist
  4. Sheba Lane – Fringe Festival Associate Producer
  5. Worn Art – Costume “Melusine” designer and Artistic Director of show
  6. Shinju Matsuri Festival Puppets – artist / facilitator
  7. King Brown the Condom Snake – artist / facilitator
  8. Jabby – Artist / puppeteer/script writer/consultant
  9. Stories from the mangroves – Concept/co-ordinator/artist/Ass. Musical Director
  10. Braxten Hicks Acapella musical performance – singer.

Under Your Skin

13.40 min of animated video on scabies awareness
Producer: Desert Pictures, Big Mama Productions & Kimberley Public Health Unit
Date: ?

Jabby Don’t Smoke

Producer: Desert Pictures, Big Mama Productions & Kimberley Public Health Unit
Kimberley Health resource pack, produced with Wulungarra Community School, Kadjina Community and Nindilingarri Fitzroy Valley Cultural Health
Date: 1999