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Worn Art

The 14 years that were Worn Art.

Gwen was approached by a friend who came from Nelson New Zealand who had a great idea. To do a costume event that would rival the New Zealand World of Wearable Art event. The idea was just too big to take on board. She managed to avoid the subject for another two years until the friend Barbara Richards, caught her at a weak moment in 1989 and she agreed to give it a go. The event grew into an extravaganza that had enormous support from the community and around Australia. It was decided to discontinue the event after 2011 as it had become too big and unsustainable. 
Some people went into mourning. Gwen met a 13 year old skate boarder who told her “Ï think it really sucks that there’s no more Worn Art!”

Worn Art has been rebranded to Worn Art Revamped. It can be found at Theatre Kimberley Worn Art Revamped.